Sunday, August 8, 2010

Party Girl

Ella's very first birthday party was yesterday. It went extremely well, considering how the day started out. Bob had some errands to run, including picking up the cake topper at the florists. When he went to leave the florist, the van wouldn't' start. It turns out that the original battery was still in the van, so after 8 years, it probably wasn't terribly surprising that it finally gave out. We called my mom, who is an absolute blessing. She was picking up the cake and came straight from the cake shop. While attempting to jump start the van, she was parked on an incline, and so the cake slid off the seat, knocking off the top two tiers. Knowing that I would be a complete wreck if the cake wasn't perfect, Bob and my mom drove it back to the cake shop, where it underwent cake surgery, and was reassembled to be perfect.
Here is Ella waiting patiently for her cake. She did so great yesterday, despite there being a lot of people around that she didn't know that well.

All of these people singing and a cake set in front of her made absolutely no sense to Ella!

However, you don't have to tell my little girl twice! She immediately dove in to try this tasty treat!

She didn't even seem to mind the feel of it on her hands.

Nothing like a handful of yum!

Little video of Ella chowin' down on cake. Poor little thing probably felt like the paparazzi were there with all of the camera flashes!

I call this the "finger-lickin' good" picture!

After cake, all the kids went outside to the big water slide and 2 pools to play. (Have to give a shout out to my amazing neighbors who set up their two pools for kids to play in too. They're so generous and sweet!) Then it was time for presents!

Here is Ella with a dessert stand that looks so yummy, it just about made me hungry!

Ella also needed some pots and pans for her new kitchen, which now she has!!

Super cute PJs!

My Uncle Mike and Aunt Anita gave Ella a little pink piggy bank and yellow sippy cup that said, "Ella" on it. She loved them. I think she pretty much held the sippy cup for the rest of the gift opening time. Hope this isn't a sign for her enjoying drinking!! ;)

Ella and her sippy!

Lovin' the sippy!

Still lovin' the sippy, while opening beautiful dresses from Grandma and Grandpa!

Got her to at least look at all of the new food for her kitchen.

If she isn't just beautiful, I don't know who is!

Ella loves paper!

"This looks like a fun toy!"

Ella is very much a cuddle baby. So this super soft blanket from my cousin Sean, was a hit! She even set the sippy cup down for it!

My pretty birthday girl!

I thought I would be really sad now that I never have another first birthday party to look forward to. I'm not! I love to go all out for their first birthday, but frankly, it's a lot of work. By the grace of God, I have been blessed with an amazing Mom who went above and beyond for me and a husband who put up with all of the stressed out rants while trying to throw the "perfect" 1st birthday party! I Love you both and couldn't have even come close to doing it without you!!!

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Anissa Engel said...

I love the pictures! It looks like the party went great!! She obviously loved the cake!