Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maddox's First Skating Party

Last night I got the pleasure of escorting Maddox to his very first skating party. (This does not mean that I skated with him. By escorting, I mean that I got to drive him, pay, take off his shoes, put on the rollerskates, and wave at him at he skated by!) He was so excited and had an absolute blast. He's made quite a few friends in Kindergarten. Here they are sitting out while it was 1st graders only.
This is my favorite picture. The last round of skating was couples skating. Maddox found this little girl named Bailey and they skated together. (I do feel really sorry for her though, because she held his hand all that time and today he came down with a stomach bug. So she's probably going to pay terribly for those two laps!) It's really far away, but we were trying to not draw attention to the fact that I was super duper excited he was skating with a girl! Next stop prom!!!

Time to Eat!!

This post is just a little late. But, they way I look at it, better late than never! Ella was told at her four month appointment that she could try out eating baby cereals and fruits and veggies. We decided to start with rice cereal just like we did with the boys. You just never know for sure how this is going to go. Could be a great success, could end with us all crying. So we decided one night to go ahead and try it out. She surprised us all and did great. Turns out that our little Ella-Belle is quite the little eater. Of course you'd never guess it if you looked at her! ;)

Like everything that occurs in our home, it was a little chaotic at the time. Brennen was mad he didn't get to use the camera. Preston wanted to do the feeding, and Caden wanted to do both. So you'll have to try and tune them out!

Here's a few more snapshots.