Friday, April 3, 2009

A Date with my Son

Back in January, Caden brought home a flier from the YMCA for a Mother/Son Date Night. It included dinner at CiCi's and then a hockey game. I was completely blown away when he said that he really wanted us to do this. He repeatedly mentioned it until I looked and saw that we already had something planned that night. So I told him that some night we would go out just the two of us and do something. Well, he NEVER forgot and asked about it about once a week. We do not have the most flexible of schedules around here, so when tonight was an free Friday night, we went with it.

Caden is growing up SO FAST. That became painfully evident tonight. He will turn 7 tomorrow. When I think back to those first few days of his life, I am amazed we (meaning he and I!) made it through. He is definitely my child that I learn and practice on, and so far doesn't seem too worse for the wear!

Okay, I've gotten side-tracked. We started our evening with dinner at Olive Garden. Caden picked it because he said that he knew I loved it. (I love my husband dearly, but if given the choice of where we'll eat, I can't even say he judges it off of what I love!) Caden can be one who is pretty quiet if he doesn't really have too much to say, so I was kind of wondering how conversation was going to go at dinner. Boy was I wrong. We talked about his day, my day, his birthday tomorrow, upcoming birthday party, siblings, school work etc... You name it, we talked about it. He made sure to pull my chair out, open doors for me, and offer me a smoothie at the mall. (Now his father did not make sure he had money! I blame that on Daddy though!) After dinner we went shopping. He helped me find and try on clothes at Motherhood. Told me throughout the process that everything I tried on made me look pretty. What more could I ask for right there?! We then went to some children's stores where he helped me find clothes for himself, his brothers, and Ella. He even insisted that she had to have the bib that matched the new dress we were buying her at Gymboree, because, "Babies spit up and we don't want ours to look bad."

I am amazed at how grown up he's become. I know that as his mother I'm biased. But frankly I think that God has prepared a young girl to come into his life some day that is going to owe me big time!!