Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sneak Peek into Ella's Room

We have been hard at work on Ella's room as of late. First we had to move Preston in with his brothers. Surprisingly, this went SO much easier than I'd ever guess it would have. After this, we got started on making this a little girl's nursery. We painted the walls a color called, Pale Petal Pink. I know that some of you are thinking, "Ugh, pink?" But after you've done 4 boy nurseries and have had the color pink off limits, you find yourself longing for the slightest bit of pink! It's a good thing that we were definitely settled on the pink color, because it took 6 coats of paint to cover the blue. It was a lot of hard work. More work for my mom and Bob than me, but I did carry out a lot of management duties!

Here is the room when it was Preston's.

It was such a fun, sweet little room for him. It looks TOTALLY different now though!

Here are some preliminary pictures of Ella's room:

There's still a lot to be done. I ordered an Uppercase Living expression to go on the big wall by her bed. We have a shelf to paint, chandelier to hang and other wall items to finish off the room. I bought an antique christening gown to hang up on a peg and have also gotten her very first porcelain doll to adorn the shelf. I will post more pictures once it's complete. I was just too excited to not share my daughter's room with everyone. (It's so much fun to say, "My Daughter!")

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day out with Thomas

Summer's are an interesting time at our house now that the kids are getting into school. While I want it to be a time of rest and relaxation for all of us, I also don't want them to spend their entire summer sitting around our house. So, I try and plan at least one fun thing to do a week, just the kids and I. This gives me the chance to be the fun parent and also gets us all out and about having fun together. (Not just running errands with Mom!) So last Friday I booked us tickets for the "Day out with Thomas".

Anybody who has had preschool children knows Thomas and probably knows him well. Thomas is a blue locomotive from the Island of Sodor. He has many adventures, and on this particular day, we got to go on one with him. This first picture is of three of the boys sitting on the bus to ride the shuttle to the depot. You wouldn't think that would be terribly exciting. However, to my three boys who don't get to regularly ride a bus, this was huge!

Once we got to the little train depot, I was amazed at just how busy it was for a Friday morning. We had to immediately head and have our picture taken in front of Thomas.

Then we got to board the train. While it may not appear that Preston was ever having a good time, it was really quite the opposite. He babbled about every little thing he say. But you bring a camera out, and that kids puts on his saddest, most pathetically bored face. Go figure!

There was so much to there as well. They had a giant inflatable slide and moonwalk for the kids. The fire department was there and letting kids climb into the truck. They had a giant tent set up with nothing but various train tables for the kids to play on. The boys loved this part. They had a tattoo station, a bubble station, story time, and video time areas. It is definitely something that I would highly recommend for a fun thing to do with your kids!