Sunday, March 29, 2009

Preparing for Ella!

It's now been a little over a months since we found out that Ella was - well, Ella! In that time, I must say that I have done a little shopping around for stuff to help us get ready for her. Some clothes have been bought, but probably not near as many as everybody would have thought!

The very first thing though we purchased for her was done 6 years ago. When Discovery Furniture was moving from what is now the Hobby Lobby building, they auctioned off all of the furniture on the floor. Being sure that at some point and time we would have a girl, we bought this crib at a fabulous price:
So the next thing we knew that we needed was something for storage for her room. We went back to Discovery Furniture and luckily they still sell this line of furniture. So we went ahead and purchased this armoire for her room.:

Here is what it looks like on the inside. (I love the mirror inside!):

On Craigslist I found an awesome pink upholstered chair and ottoman for her room. It's going to look great! (Sorry, no picture of it yet, because I haven't taken one of it yet!)

Our latest purchase was crib bedding. I found a set on Target. It's the simple, yet elegant look that I was looking for. Plus, it didn't break the bank. Here's some pictures of it:

The bumper up close:

The crib sheet:

And the crib skirt:

I am really excited as to how Ella's room is coming along. In the future I really would like to still buy the matching dresser for her room, but that may have to wait for a while! I'll eventually post pictures once the room is all together. I just couldn't wait to share all of the purchases we've made!