Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dad's Day Off

Last Friday was the boys' last day of summer vacation. Bob took the day off so that we could do stuff together as a family. We racked our brain to come up with something to do that didn't involve being out in the 105 degree temperatures. We opted to head for Art Lab. It's a hands on art experience for kids of all ages. Art Lab is located inside the Mulvane Art Museum on the campus of Washburn University. Best of all - it's free!!

The museum had a robot exhibit going on right now. This was right up the boys' alley, so we stopped and took a look. Here is a cute picture of Brennen and a robot he liked!

Inside the Art Lab, they had all kinds of stuff to do. Here's Ella finding a set of little fun tables just her size!

My pretty girl playing away.

This is the boys inside the hieroglyphics cave. They were given chalk and free reign on the walls. What kid wouldn't like that?!

Preston making some beautiful art!

Then the boys moved onto acrylic walls and washable dry erase markers. This was Bob's attempt at tracing Maddox and then Caden added the moustache. Looks just like him, right?!

The boys loved writing and drawing on these walls. I pray that's where it stays though!

They had such a great time!

Still drawing!

Caden intently making a masterpiece.

Next stop, the sculpture table. This table allowed the kids to build. Of course mine opted to build airplanes!

The color light table. I really thought this was neat. You could stack different colored transparent object to see what color they made when combined. Sadly enough, this entertained me for quite a while!

And the kids too!

Maddox didn't want people to know that he liked it!

My Ella at the block building station.

The last stop was a robot building area. They had just about any imaginable thing you could want to assist in building your robot. The boys each picked totally different objects, and each robot was unique.

Here is Caden's robot. I liked that he made his completely on his own, with no work required by me!

Brennen built a robot/rocket thing. Bob got to help sort this creation out!

I helped Maddox. Probably why his looks the most "normal". I am in no way creative, so this is what we got! It was Maddox's idea to only have one eye. Still don't understand that!

Here is Preston's. I think it turned out kind of cute. It has a zipper for a mouth. He made sure to tell me that he doesn't though. (Like I needed to be reminded of that!)

Carrying home our treasure!

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