Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night 2010

The school that the kids go to has what they call "Meet the Teacher Night" before school starts. This is a night when you get to bring in your supplies, unload, and of course, meet your teacher. This year Caden has Mrs. David for third grade. She had her room completely decorated for a luau. She was very thorough in everything she did. Earlier that day, Caden received a message from her in the mail. It was literally a "message in a bottle." It came complete with some sand in it, tiny sunglasses, seashell, and tiny wine goblet. So adorable! In order to enter her classroom, you had to do the limbo, and all the kids got "surf shack" favor boxes with a ton of surf/beach stuff. I think she's going to be a very fun and creative teacher!

Here is Caden going through his favor box. He loves to get stuff!!

Snapshot of the class.

Here is a picture of Caden in front of his locker. She took a bunch of pictures of the kids and their families that night, and plans on putting them in the photo frames behind them for the first day of school!

Caden was a good sport, but does not care to do stuff like this:

Picture of my third grader!

After Caden's classroom, we moved onto Maddox's class. His teacher is Miss Koci. She didn't have quite the same fanfare in her room, but still seemed very nice. Last year the kids in Kindergarten just sat at desks and had cubbies instead of lockers, so Maddox is really excited to have these things this year!

This kid takes some goofy pictures!

Maddox and his very first locker!!!

Picture of my first grader!

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