Sunday, August 1, 2010

I didn't marry a handyman... I made one from scratch! Caden is my son who absolutely loves to learn how things works and really enjoys putting projects together. He and Maddox were given a couple of stunt scooters. One was already assembled, but Caden wanted to have both of them up and going so that he and his best friend, Dexter, could use them. He asked Bob to go ahead and put it together, but Bob gave is usual, "Later" response. (Like I said, I didn't marry somebody who enjoys projects!) So Caden asked Bob if he could do it. Bob said sure, figuring it would keep him from riding him about it.

Well Caden and Dexter got to work. They were so cute working away on it. I'm sure they'd love to know that I just called them cute.

Anyway, they are not typical males yet and actually used the directions in order to assemble the scooter. There was not terrible yelling or fighting either. Guess these are traits that maybe come with puberty?!

Here they are showing off all of their hard work. Dexter's sister Racquel is behind them. When she heard that I might post these pictures on Facebook, she just HAD to be in it! Cracks me up!

So proud of him!

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