Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school! First day of school!!

Well, I made it through another emotional first day of school. I shed a few tears, but all in all, not a tremendous amount. I know, you're probably thinking, a few things. First, "Wouldn't she be happy to have two less kids in the house?" You would think I would, but frankly, I'm sending away my two most independent children. They're my helpers, and now I'm left with the three needy ones and no extra hands!

I'm sure you're also probably thinking, "Goodness Lisa, it wasn't a first day of kindergarten. It was first and third grade!" Yes, I know, but I have a difficult time letting my children go. I chose to be a stay-at-home mom because I can take care of my children better than anyone else. Maybe I'm full of myself, or a control freak, or a little of both, but that's how I feel. So, unlike my children, I always experience a little bit of separation anxiety. After they're gone, I do fine, and I love that they like school.

We have a fun tradition in our house for the first day of school. Bob always goes in late and makes the kids a special breakfast. Today he made cinnamon rolls and a delicious breakfast casserole. Are the kids and I blessed or what?!

Maddox waiting for his breakfast!

Brennen and Preston didn't go to school today, but definitely wanted to participate in "first day of school breakfast"!

Caden getting the ketchup ready. He will not eat eggs without it. Ella's in the background. Not the most flattering picture of her!

Here is a picture that shows Caden's backpack. He's on an orange kick right now and so that influenced his choice of backpacks this year. Bob was less than thrilled with his choice!

And my Maddox is now in first grade. Growing up right before my eyes!

Caden loves taking pictures with his brother!

Soon it was time to head down to the bus stop. Here's some of the kids on our culdesac. They were all geared up and excited to get the school year moving! Brennen and Preston were all ready to go with them, minus shoes even!

I made them wave for a picture. That way I can be called, "That Mom"!

Maddox and Josh getting on the bus!

And away they go!!!

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