Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An early present

Ella's birthday is not until tomorrow and her party is another three days after that. However, she got to have an early birthday present on Sunday - thanks to her brother! A few gifts have been delivered early by people who couldn't make it to the party. Most of the gifts have been hidden. I should have known better, but have kind of made the dining room a staging area for the party, and put the gift in there. My little busy-body-son stumbled upon it and decided it was his job to open it for her. Well, since what was done was done, we went ahead and let her have her present that night.
She was even excited about the card!
Ella got an American Girl Bitty Baby doll. I personally love how interested Preston seems in the gift, considering he was the one who had already opened it!
She's so happy!
Ella likes to jab at Bitty's eyes and mouth. Hopefully some maternal instincts will kick in eventually!
Ella loves her baby!
Ella also got an outfit and book to go with her baby.

Ella has been playing with her baby a lot. She seemed excited about it, but then again, she's excited about empty boxes too! Oh well, Mommy's excited!

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