Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our first annual trip to Worlds of Fun

We have always talked about taking the kids to Worlds of Fun, but have always just kept putting it off for one reason or another. Either we'd just had a baby, or I was pregnant. This year we had none of these excuses, and Caden and Maddox both had free tickets. So Bob took the Friday before Memorial Day off and we made the trek to Worlds of Fun! It was a lot of fun. More fun than what I would have thought it would have been. We did experience two rough points. The first was around 3:00 when we finally stopped for lunch. It was getting really hot, everybody was tired, and hungry. Apparently the way my family handles these obstacles is to get VERY angry with one another. However, after a nice $50 hamburger lunch, (yes, $50!!) everybody was good to go again. The second incident was on the way out of the park. With no trams, and 4 exhausted little walkers, the trip back to the van could be termed as more of a "death march."

Here is the line to have sunscreen applied before we went into the park. You know me, I'm a freak about sunscreen!

This was the very first ride. Preston wanted to ride with me. Caden and Maddox rode together, and Brennen opted to wait with Bob and Ella. Preston did okay until the ride got going pretty well, and then started crying, "I want my Daddy!"

The Viking Voyager was next. First Bob went on it with all 4 boys and then we used "rider swap" so that I could ride. Brennen opted to sit out the second time!
Next was the Octopus. Caden and Maddox rode together again, and I rode with Preston, who again spent the ride crying for his daddy. However, as soon as it was over, was fine. Go figure!
Bob, Caden, Maddox, and Preston then went on the Sea Dragon. Brennen decided to sit it out with Ella and I. (Surprised, huh?!)
My family did not do very well on this ride. This includes my husband. You will notice that you do not really see my family in the back row anymore. I guess they figured it was better to just not look. Preston spent this ride crying out, "I want my Mommy!"
The smaller boys were too small for the Fury of Nile, so we let Bob and the older boys ride. They loved it the ride, and loved getting wet even more.

Next was the train around the park. Brennen, my daredevil, LOVED the train. The whole time just kept saying, "Whee!" Really? Oh well, it was finally a ride that Ella got to participate in.

And I think that this last picture pretty much sums up how we all felt by the end of the day!

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Anissa said...

Lily's comment was, "Ugh no fair! Ella got to go there. I haven't even been there and I'm not a baby!!"