Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A day in the Nelson's pool

One of our great friends, the Nelson's, live a block away from us. They won favorite friends status by buying a house that had a pool! This past Saturday their little boy, Josh, turned 5. Such a big birthday, since now he gets to go to Kindergarten! Josh had a swimming party for his birthday. So we loaded up the wagon, and set off on our 1 block walk to join in the festivities.
This was Ella's first trip in the wagon. She did really well. I figured that she might keep trying to stand up, but perhaps having Caden pull her freaked her out enough to make her just sit very still!
Although you can't really tell at all based on these pictures, Ella LOVES the water. She got pretty annoyed as time went on that Mommy made her sit in the big floating whale. However, if I just held her, she kept trying to dunk her face. Go figure!

Caden enjoying the water!
Maddox jumping off the diving board. He loves to do it, which is good, because Bob made him do it 5 times in a row just to get a picture!

A good time was definitely had by all!!

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