Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bowling with Mommy

I am always a sucker for a good deal. The past two summers, we've taken advantage of If you sign up, they will e-mail you coupons each week for your kids to each get 2 free games of bowling every day. You have to still pay for shoes, but it's a lot cheaper than it would be otherwise. So I decided to take the boys bowling the other day for something fun to do. They love it, and it kills an afternoon, inside an air conditioned building!

Here is Maddox hoping Mom hurries up and take the picture so he can go bowl!!
The first time Preston bowled, the ball stopped halfway down the lane. So the attendant working brought us this little dinosaur that the kids can set the ball on and allow it to roll down it's back. That way it gets enough momentum to make it down the lane. Brennen used it to rest against after he bowled every time. I guess to him bowling is an exhausting sport!

Caden is starting to actually bowl with some sense of strategy and actual form!
Preston would get so excited after releasing the ball every time. He would skip all the way back to his chair. I don't exactly know why, because he never even stopped to see what the ball did after he let it go!

Ella sat patiently in her stroller and just soaked in the odd atmosphere of a bowling alley. This is her "no photos, please" pose!
Isn't she just beautiful?!?!

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