Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

I never do a post about my husband, so Father's Day seems like a perfect time in which to do this. The entire time I was growing up, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to be a mommy. It's funny though, because I always had a picture of what my life as a mom was going to be like. I knew all the things I wanted to do with my children. I knew that I did not want to work outside of our home. I knew that I wanted at least 3 children. However, never in my dreams of the future did I picture my husband ever really doing anything with our children. Boy, am I sure glad that I was WAY OFF!!

I truly believe that the Lord made Bob for me. He knew long before either of us were born, that we would be together and be a perfect fit. Sounds corny, I know, but true nonetheless! This works out wonderfully, because what I cannot do, Bob can. I cannot be a father to my children. However, God designed Bob to be the absolute best dad to the kids that they could ever hope to have.

These are just some of the reasons why he is an amazing father:

1. Most of the time he has far more patience than I do.
2. He is definitely more "fun" than I am.
3. Bob is wonderful about taking the time to enjoy the children.
4. He loves us more than we deserve.
5. Bob provides a Godly example of what a father/husband should be like for our kids.
6. He is an amazing provider and works so hard for our family.
By no means is this a complete list of why he is an amazing father, but I would never have the time to list them all!

Thank you Bob for all that you do for our family!! Happy Father's Day!!

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