Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Day 2011

Field Day was never one of my favorite days at school when I was growing up. I was not an athletic person, and frankly that's who my Field Days were designed for! We had 59 yard dash, three legged race, pull-up contests, tug-of-war, etc... My sons' Field Day was nothing like that in any way!
Here are a few of the giant inflatables that are brought in for Field Day:
Doesn't this look like fun?!

What kid doesn't want to come out and see this along with snack stations, games, and even Wii Just Dance set up?!

Usually I never get a chance to volunteer at Field Day, as I always have at least 3 small children attached to me. However, this year, because I have a father-in-law that rocks, I got to go and be a group leader for Maddox's class. This was our first stop:

Watching the boys play soccer like this was hilarious!!

There was very little soccer playing going on, and more rolling than anything else!

They loved this!

Next stops were an obstacle course and giant slide.

Maddox is much faster than I would ever be at this crazy inflatable things!

And down the slide!

There was a new inflatable obstacle course and it had all of the kids a buzzing! It looked like a giant roller coaster!

There were some games as well. While walking around with Maddox's group, I ran into Caden a few times and was able to snap some pictures of him too. Here he is doing a toilet paper toss into a box with a toilet lid. Gross to me, but really fun to kids!

Now this seemed like a traditional Field day game!

They had a wet t-shirt relay as well. You had to grab a wet t-shirt, race it down the way, and hang it on the clothes line. I think that the kids just liked the excuse to get soaked!

We did this one over and over and over!

Here is a different kind of inflatable. The kids bounced on these balls through the course. It looked like fun too, but too much work for me!

Caden inside a bounce house!

Caden enjoying the roller coaster obstacle course.

I had an absolutely great time being able to volunteer this year. I can't wait to help next year as well. I guess this is my way of vicariously enjoying a Field Day through my children!

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