Monday, May 23, 2011

Can Penguins Play Baseball?

Not only can Penguins play baseball, they can play pretty darn well!! Caden decided last year that he was tired of watching his brothers play baseball and decided that he wanted to take a crack at it. So, a new team of 9 year olds was assembled and the Penguins were born!
It hasn't always been the prettiest, as we have a team that's completely new to the league, but they have grown so much and are now a pretty formidable opponent.

Caden has really loved playing baseball, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be spending many more summers out at Ken Berry.

What do the other 4 do while Caden's playing baseball? Well...

...they eat! And eat, and eat, and eat!! We had 3 games this past Saturday, so if snacking on junk food that Papa buys them keeps them happy, I am all for it!!

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