Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi! I'm Davy Crockett!

There are many assignments that the boys have had that require quite a bit of work from me. However, Caden's "Live Wax Museum" report really put a lot of pressure on us! He had to choose a famous person, read a biography on them, and then do a report on them. Then dress up as that person and tell people all about "themselves". As you can see, Caden chose Davy Crockett after a little persuading from me, since we already had a costume! They paraded through the halls of the school and then back to their classrooms.

In their class, they were situated at their desks. If you look closely at the corner of Caden's desk, there was a "PUSH" button. When pressed, it would bring the resting celebrity to life, who would then proceed to give you some interesting information on their life.

The kids all did a WONDERFUL job. Every class comes and goes through the third grade classrooms on this day. Maddox, so generally kept pressing his brothers button, until Caden had to inform him that it was out of order. That's brothers for you!!

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