Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're on the mend!

At Friday's doctor's appointment for Maddox, they discovered that he had diminished capacity in his right lung. So we were sent to the hospital for blood work and x-rays. Immediately upon doing the x-rays, they discovered that he had pneumonia. Not something you care to hear about your 5 year old. However, there was a certain amount of relief in feeling like at least now we had something to work on curing. His blood work came back good. His white blood cell counts were high, which is exactly what you want high in order to fight an infection. We were able to go home and start in on antibiotics. That night our prayers were answered when his fever broke and it's been normal ever since. Praise the Lord!! We feel confident that he is on the road to recovery. He has to go back to the doctor tomorrow to be checked. His cough is still pretty nasty sounding and can get bad at times. He is no longer lethargic and is finally acting like himself. We are now sending up our praises as God has once again shown us how faithful he is!!

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