Saturday, October 31, 2009

Preston - aka Tasmanian Devil

Yesterday was a very rough day for us and Preston. I had planned to have a donut relay race for Maddox's class. I made the terrible mistake of leaving Preston alone for about 2 minutes. In that time he ate 6 of my 20 donuts. I must admit that I did not keep my cool very well. Bob can attest to this, due to the fact that he got a hysterical phone call from me an hour before I was supposed to be at the school. That said, we got more donuts and everything was fine. That was until Bob was left alone with Preston. He sat down to check his Facebook, and came out to find this:
He had gotten into the new donuts Bob had bought for the party, spilled a cup of Dr. Pepper, tore artwork off of the refrigerator, was drinking another glass of pop, poured out all the candy the boys received at their class parties, and started emptying out the pantry. Beware! This is not a child that can be trusted with a step stool!!!

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