Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Parties

Every year as Halloween approaches, the big question in the Ross household is, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" This decision is not taken lightly. Once the kids are old enough to decide, they get to pick their costumes. Caden always gravitates to some kind of occupational theme and Maddox goes with super heroes. This year Caden decided to be a Pioneer and Maddox went with a Muscle Man costume. This was Brennen's first year to pick his costume. He chose to be a dragon this year.

They each had parties at school this year. Brennen's was on Thursday. He had a little parade too. The kids all looked so cute.

Caden and Maddox had their parties yesterday. They started with a parade through the school and into the gym. (It was REALLY cold and then started to rain. I was thrilled they moved it inside!) Here are the boys parading around the gym.

The parade was followed by the classroom parties. This was the first year that I had to juggle two kids. This was made even more difficult in that I was the Head Room Parent for Maddox's Halloween party. While Maddox's class ate their snacks, I got to take a peek in on Caden's class party. Here's a few pictures of the fun from his class.

I had a great time doing the party for Maddox's class this year. We played Halloween Bingo, had a donut relay race, and the kids played a mummy wrap game.

It was kind of nice to break up the party festivities with the craziness of Halloween Day. I'll post more pictures later of all the kids before they go trick or treating tonight! Happy Halloween!!

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