Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I did on summer vacation...Worlds of Fun

Last year we took the kids to Worlds of Fun for the first time. We had such a great time, that we all agreed it had to be an annual trip. So this year, as soon as school got out, we made the trek to Worlds of Fun. It was a perfect day to go. We really like going early in the season so that we don't have any lines to deal with, plus this year this weather was actually a cool 75 degrees. This was a nice change from the 95 degrees it was last year!

Caden and Maddox love riding the rides. However, they are their mother's sons and will not do roller coasters!

Preston decided that he was going to handle the map. That didn't last long!

This was Ella's first trip where she rode something more than the train. She is my little daredevil and was willing to ride everything. I think she'd have taken on the Mamba if she could have!

Brennen on the other hand, is very timid when it comes to rides. This ride was extremely thrilling for him!

Caden loves to ride the Fury of the Nile!

Just a little picture of Ella that makes mommy smile!

Caden is getting a little big for the Snoopy area, but he is such a good sport for his siblings.

Preston had to go potty and ran into Snoopy on the way. He wasn't sure he really wanted to get terribly close though!

Luckily Dad was there to be a buffer!

More fun!
I was really glad I wasn't on this ride with Caden and Maddox. They got it going way too fast for my taste!
Preston and a random boy!

Brennen's going to end up being one of those guys who has to hang his arm out the window when he drives!

Preston kind of driving a boat!

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