Friday, August 19, 2011

What I did on summer vacation...Rebels Baseball

Well, I have officially become a baseball mom. I always thought that soccer was a more interesting sport than baseball. I have come to the conclusion that this was due to a few factors:

1. I never had a vested interest in it. Turns out anything that you watch is a lot more enjoyable when half of your genes are running around out there!

2. Instructional baseball should really just be entitled "Glorified Practices". These are not real games. These are photo ops and a good way to teach little ones the rules, however do not expect them to be interesting or fast paced! (Also can be good for a few laughs.)

3. As the kids become more competitive with age, I do too!!

Maddox played catcher quite a bit this year for the Rebels. It was a position that he actually loved, even though he took quite a few hits playing it.

I know that this is a mom comment, but isn't he cute all squatted down like that?!
The Rebels had a great year and ended the season 5-11. Sadly, there were so many games that they narrowly missed winning. However, they were awarded the Sportsmanship Award. Such a great group of kids!

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