Monday, August 22, 2011

What I did on summer vacation...Swimming Lessons

 Every summer we enroll the boys in swimming lessons. This year, I had Brennen at 8:00am, Caden and Preston at 8:30am, and Maddox at 9:00am. It was a little crazy for two weeks, but we really got a lot accomplished during those two weeks since we had to be up and out the door so early!

Brennen, as you can probably guess, is my most fearful around the water. He has really come pretty far from being the kid who was afraid to get water in his eyes! On the last day of swimming lessons, the kids all get a chance to go down the slide and into the pool. Unfortunately, you will notice that there are no pictures of Brennen doing this. This is because Brennen wouldn't! I will say that he was at least calm in his refusal to do it, as a lot of the other kids screamed bloody murder while refusing to go down, so I'll take it!
 Here's Caden in line for the slide. No worries here!
He loved it!
Next up was Preston! This child showed no fear and I think would have slid down even into a pool full of sharks!!
He looks so little up there!

Ornery little daredevil, but oh so cute!
The last one up was Maddox. He had been looking forward to this day the whole time!
And away he goes!!
The boys look forward to swimming lessons all year long, which is great, because it kills 1 1/2 hours of our day, which is good for Mommy!!

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Jamie B said...

Love this! We go to the same place for lessons! Melissa has a great program set up!