Saturday, September 19, 2009

Partying Elmo Style

Last Saturday Preston had his 2nd birthday party. He is going through a big Elmo phase right now. As much as I would have rather had another theme for the party, it was pretty much dictated by Preston. I'm not exactly sure what draws kids to Elmo. Is it the weird voice or the fact that the name "Elmo" is so easy for a toddler to say? (Preston says it like "Melmo")

As we add more children, I find myself trying to find ways to make life easier on myself. Birthdays are no exception. We held the party at the church so that I didn't have to stress myself out making my house spotless. Then, when picking the cake, I decided to do cupcakes, so that I didn't even have to cut a cake. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Here's a picture.

Preston got a lot of great presents. He received clothes and toys. Here are a couple toys he received. Can you see a theme?!

We also had an Elmo pinata. I am no including a picture of it. Frankly after the kids were done with it, it was a little disturbing to see what was left. I don't think anybody wants that image in their mind. So instead here's a picture of Preston enjoying a well fought-for prize from the inside!

I still can't believe he's two already. While this is a little sad, it does mean I'm getting closer to getting back to only 1 child in diapers!!

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