Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Night at the Game

We are always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to spend an evening with the boys on the weekends. It's best to stay busy, because otherwise when we're all stuck inside together, it can get ugly. So, we decided to take the boys to a football game at our old Alma Mater, Washburn Rural, which will be theirs as well. I must say that it was not exactly the most inexpensive way to spend an evening (especially when your husband spends $5 on a "rally rag," which is essentially a glorified washcloth!). However, we did have a great time. There we met our friends, Don and Anissa, along with their three kids, Madison, Lily, and Taegan. The kids had a blast together, and even cheered on the home team.

The Boys



Maddox and Brennen
Mommy and Ella

Brennen, Lily, and Preston

Anissa and Taegan
Washburn Rural ended up beating Shawnee Heights 35-16. We had to learn this from the news. You see our crew hit meltdown mode shortly after halftime. That's when the boys started to turn on one another and many a fit began to be thrown. So, we headed home!

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