Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Little Man Turns 2!!

My littlest man turned 2 today. How can this be?? It seems like just yesterday he was born. I remember it like it was Ella's birth, but yet it's now been 2 years! After dropping Brennen off at preschool today, Preston, Ella, and I went to finish up shopping for the supplies for his birthday party on Saturday. As he pointed at objects and said their names, it really hit me just how much he's grown. It's hard to believe the little guy started out like this:

Grew to this by 1 year:

And is now:

He's now such a character. Yes, that is a nice way describe him. He gets into absolutely everything and can be very infuriating that way. However, the next minute, he'll flash those beautiful baby blues at me, and I melt like jello! I feel so lucky that I was chosen to be his mother! (I am writing this while he's asleep. I may need to be reminded tomorrow when he's emptied a drawer or eaten another Cascade Action Pack!)

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