Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Late Halloween!!!

First off let me start this blog by saying, "How is it November already? Can tomorrow really be November 1st?" You would think by now that I wouldn't be surprised by how fast time goes by, but it really seems to go by even faster when you have children. Maybe it's because you don't necessarily want it to go that fast, but yet we always seem to want out of this stage and into the next? Who knows, but time does seem to go at warp speed once little ones enter your lives.

So Halloween was a few days ago. Okay 5, but who's counting! It's been really busy around here so I'm just now getting these pictures out.

Caden was a race car driver at school and an army man at home. (The little girl down the street liked the camo, so that's what prompted the costume change for trick-or-treating at home. I am so not ready for this!)

Maddox had to be the Blue Power Ranger. He's never seen Power Rangers, but from day one this was his request. Anybody who knows Maddox knows, you just go with it.

Brennen wanted to be a Fireman like last year. He has a little trouble say it though. Instead of telling people he's a Fireman, he tries to say Firetruck. However, it comes out as Fire____ (dirty four letter word.) So we just told people what he was for Halloween!

Then Preston had to be what Mommy picked for him. He went as the world's cutest little octopus. With as much as he gets into some days, it feels like he's an octopus! Here is also a picture of Caden, Josh, Maddox, Brennen, Madison, Lily, and Lauren. They all started out trick -or-treating as a group. Aren't they cute?

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Laura Fluke said...

The pictures are soo cute!