Monday, January 3, 2011

A Small Look at our Christmas

With all of our families here in town, we celebrate Christmas quite a few times. So in going through pictures, I decided to share just a few of the photos of Christmas morning. Otherwise, this could turn into the world's longest post!

The boys always set out cookies for Santa. This year, we left Santa some of the Lofthouse cookies. They're his favorite! We also left a mug of milk, which Santa isn't the fondest of, but always downs some for good measure!
Here is a few of our living room after Santa had visited. He had quite a load to drop off at our house this year!
I never got around to posting a picture of our tree after we decorated it, so here you go. It looked much nicer right after it was decorated, and before most of the ornaments had to migrate north due to little hands!!
Here are our stockings hung by the chimney with care. I was finally able to have the Pottery Barn Kids stockings that I've always wanted, but still have to get them embroidered with names. The kids all know exactly who's is who's, but Santa had quite a dilemma in passing out the stocking gifts. Luckily, he guessed correctly!!

Santa's present for Brennen and one of Ella's!

The first thing we heard when the kids were coming down the stairs was, "Whoa!" There is nothing better than seeing Christmas through the eyes of children!
Brennen got a new pretty sweet ride, if I do say so myself. It comes equipped with a working radio. All of the kids loved it!
Preston got a giant remote controlled Buzz Lightyear from Santa. It's about the same size as him!

Ella got her dollhouse and this beautiful little cradle from Pottery Barn Kids. It comes with her name painted on the end. So precious!! I love pretty little girl toys!
Caden got a Nintendo DSi XL, 20 piece accessory pack, and 2 games from Santa. Can't tell he was happy, can you?!
Maddox got the same thing from Santa. We haven't heard much from them lately!!
Something tells me that I will be seeing this same situation in about 12 years. Scary, huh?!

Santa also brought Preston the Dance Star Mickey. This gift was definitely a favorite, even amongst adults...
...but watching Preston grip onto Mickey and hug him as tight as he could, while exclaiming, "I LOVE IT!" was truly the best!
The three older boys can use the points that they earn at church to purchase little gifts for all of their family members. Caden got Ella this cute little minivan, which when he saw it, he "just knew she'd love it!" So sweet!
Ella, who found the truck unmanned, is sure proud of herself!
Ella got a lot of new clothes that Mommy knew how fabulous she would look in. Luckily, she is happy just tearing paper, with little regard to what's inside still.
Maddox and his second favorite gift. It's an electronic dual action lightsaber. Now he can hit his brothers using both ends!

Caden loves Monster trucks, so he was really excited about the Crash & Smash stadium. This toy is very loud, and I would only recommend it to those hard of hearing!

This is the Criss Cross Crash set that Brennen just had to have. Apparently there will be a lot of crashing in our house during 2011!
Maddox got a Kung Zhu Battle Arena. This thing surprised Maddox a lot. I did good!
This is Ella and her new Bouncin' Babbles doll. She bounces, babbles, and squeals just like Ella. I think Ella feels like she finally can relate to somebody in her!
Pillow pets- need I say more? Caden got this penguin one, Maddox got a panda, and Brennen got a bee. (Preston got one for his 3rd birthday already!) I do not understand the appeal of these crazy little pillows, but every kid I know now owns one. Wish I had come up with the idea of making stuffed animals double as a pillow!
Here is a funny picture of Preston and a new pinball game.
Ella got this Barbie Hug and Heal doctor set. It's a super soft puppy that makes all kinds of sounds. So cute!!
Ella also received a Little People house. I had wanted to buy one of these for the boys, but Bob thought it seemed too girly. So, now I have my girly girl to buy it for!!
And last, but certainly not least, is my new wedding band. Back in April, I lost my wedding rings. We had the engagement ring insured, but never took the time to insure the wedding band. So I got a new engagement ring, but have just been waiting to save up the money for a new wedding band. I have the world's best husband though! Bob, with the wonderful help of our neighbor, who just happens to be a jeweler, got me the wedding band I had my eye on. Am I a lucky girl or what?!

This is as quick of a snapshot of our Christmas morning as I could narrow it down to. We had a wonderful Christmas, and feel so blessed. I am so excited to see what God has in store for our family in 2011!

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