Sunday, January 2, 2011

School Christmas Programs

Another thing we've got to do recently is to watch Caden and Maddox perform at their school Christmas programs. Caden's was first. Here he is before their show. He's growing up so fast and is such a handsome young man!
Caden really does not enjoy singing at all. He does participate and gets good grades in Music, but it most certainly is not his thing!

I think he was very happy to have the performance over. He's definitely not big into being on show, that's for sure!
Here is a picture of our little pigtailed princess during the show. She was not captivated enough to sit still, so she just kept walking from Grandma, to Mommy, to Daddy, and back again!

And here is about how well Brennen enjoyed it!

Two nights later, it was Maddox's turn. Here he before the show. Unlike his brother, he has no problem being a show stopper!

Unfortunately, due to the little girl in front of Maddox, getting a good picture of him was very difficult. She was very exuberant in her singing, and it transferred to all parts of her body!!

One final shot of my performer!!

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