Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Cute Little Sheperds

Wow! What a month December was!! We stayed pretty busy, but did manage to have some dictated downtime when a stomach virus reared its ugly head around our house for about a week! So, here I am just now managing to blog about some of the goings on during December!!

We started off December with the choir that Brennen and Preston are a part of at church doing their Christmas performance. They performed before the older kids' choir, so that's what's with all of the stuff around them and the giant pole right in front.

Brennen is on the back row. He's the second one from the right. Preston is on the front row and is the first one on the left. Technically, this choir is supposed to be for kids 4 years old through Kindergarten, but the choir director had worked with Preston at VBS and thought he would do okay, so we let him try it. He did so GOOD!!!

Here are a few videos of my little performers!

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