Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Pictures

Well, I guess I must have exhausted myself with all the posts in October, because I definitely seem to have hit a dry spell in November with posts. Not that there wasn't a lot to blog about, I was just too lazy to do it! We even purchased a new laptop, (after our old computer pooped out on us!) and I still didn't manage to get any blogging done.

So I guess I'll catch you up with our Santa pictures. Every year we go to Centerpiece Photography and meet Santa there the day before Thanksgiving. Melissa takes fabulous pictures and of course Santa is always picture perfect. Our kids...well, that's another story. It seems like every year there's somebody who is completely freaked out by Santa. One year we had a picture without Maddox even in it. The next year had Brennen in it bawling his eyes out, the next year was Preston's turn to cry non-stop, and this year Preston just had a mixed look of fear and disdain for Santa. Oh well. I never mind. That's just how the kids were during Christmas 2009. Nobody would believe their our kids if they were perfectly posed and smiling. Here are some of our favorites.
You might be praying for Preston this year. As you can see, he certainly didn't hit it off with Santa. So, since he is my "busy" boy, his only hope for getting a good gift from Santa was to win him over during the photo shoot. I don't think that happened!

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