Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 was a success. The kids looked great. Nobody got lost. We had no tricks. And they received a ridiculous amount of candy. If you've read previous posts, you know what they kids already dressed up as, but here ya go just to refresh your memory: Caden = Pioneer, Maddox = Muscle Man, Brennen = Dragon, Preston = Fireman, and Ella = 50's Sock Hop Girl. Grandma made Ella's skirt and Daddy made her shoes! They all looked fabulous! (At least that's my opinion!)

The kids were joined in trick-or-treating by Madison (Hannah Montana), Lily (also Hannah Montana), and Taegan Engel (Dalmatian), and also their cousins, Lauren (Tinkerbell) and Landon Myers (Elmo).
Aren't they all adorable? Quite an eclectic group of characters, that's for sure!!

A few more pictures of Halloween fun:

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