Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Programs

The boys both had their Christmas programs this week. (That's right. I called it a Christmas program. So there!) Maddox's was first on Monday. Maddox did great. He really likes to put on a show for people and this was no exception. He looked wonderful if I do say so myself. (I've to to hand it to the boys' personal shopper. She's FABULOUS!) I've included a few shots of him singing. Unfortunately I can't seem to get any of his videos to load. The pictures aren't the best either, but they'll just have to do.

Here is a couple shots of Maddox following the program. He was very concerned that Ella didn't care for his show because all she did was stare at him and drool!

After the Kindergarten program, there is always a "surprise" visit from Santa. He takes pictures with each of them and then gives them a bag of goodies. Brennen also had to make sure to get in a little extra face time with the big guy as well!

Caden had his second grade program tonight. I'm still a little in shock that this was his third one!! He did really well, especially for Caden. He is not into singing at all, but actually did a pretty good job at not looking miserable tonight. We were thrilled!

Below is a video of the students using scarves and moving them to the music. The kids picked what movements they would do as a group. It turned out great!

The closing number was this:

Following their performance, Mrs. Manner, gathered all of her students for a class picture of all the kids dressed to the nines. Aren't they a good looking bunch?!

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Laura Fluke said...

Awesome pics. I am glad you call it a Christmas Program too!!!