Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It is done!!

Ella's room is officially finished. We ordered two plaques to hang on her wall and they came yesterday. I was amazed that I actually got Bob to put them up the very same day that they came! Anyway, they're up and I am really happy with how the room turned out.
I had an Uppercase Living party and ordered two expressions for her walls. The first one Bob and I designed. It's hard to tell in the picture, but her name "Ella" is in white behind the scripture, "For this child I have prayed..." 1 Samuel 1:27. This is a scripture that we both felt kind of captured how we feel about the arrival of our first (and only!) daughter.
Above her bed and above a painted shelf, there are two little plaques that we had custom made. They have little paper doll dresses and the fabrics coordinate with her room. I think they turned out adorable and very shabby chic!

In one corner of her room sits a pink upholstered rocking chair and ottoman. Above it is the adorable chandelier that my aunts bought for her. We found a really cute dollhouse bookcase at Target. It holds her size 1 shoes, (all shoes are adorable when they're that tiny!) a tea set that was a gift from a friend at church, a porcelain doll from her Aunt Kim and Uncle Shawn, and two baskets that hold hats and bibs. On the shelf above it sits a pretty pink picture frame and a tiara that Bob picked out for her. (No, she won't be doted on one bit!)

The final two pictures are of her wall that includes the other Uppercase Living expression. It's a growth chart for her. Unfortunately, having watched the boys, I know that this will be filled up very quickly. My mom bought a little hanging hook that says "Baby" in pink on it. We found an antique christening gown on eBay and it hangs from that on the wall next to the armoire. A little rocking horse that we painted for our friend's first baby adorns the corner. Her daughters have outgrown it. Who'd have guessed 7 years ago when we painted it that some day it would help decorate out daughter's room?!

Well, that's her room. Sorry if I rambled on and described everything a little too much. I am very excited about this room. It's a little sad as I know that this was our last nursery to decorate, but I also look forward to bringing her home to it. (Well, and frankly just getting her out of my body!)

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