Saturday, July 11, 2009

Art Time!

We have a tradition that has always been done at our house for the new baby that we're welcoming. We have always decorated onesies for the new baby. Our friends, family, and now sons have always helped us to do this. The other night I broke out the onesies, gave the boys fabric markers, and stepped back to see what chaos might ensue. Surprisingly, it was a very calm night. Nobody stained the clothing that they were already wearing, nor were there any permanent marks left on furniture, wall, etc...

Caden was the most definitive in what he wanted his to look like. He knew that he wanted a rainbow with a pot of gold. Then on the back he wrote: To Ella, From Caden. It turned out really good. I was quite impressed considering that it is really hard to use those fabric markers on the thinner onesie fabric.

Preston like to incorporate a plethora of colors. He seems partial to linear art. There did come a time that he just had me too on edge with how nonchalant he was with the fabric markers, so Mommy decided that his masterpiece was done. He wasn't so sure, but after a few distractions, we were both happier.

Brennen is not what one would term the most creative Ross in the house. He always has Bob trace his hand prints, and that constitutes his art on EVERYTHING. So, when he turned to Bob and asked him to, "Make me a hand print," we were not surprised in the least. But, at least his onesie is all him.

Maddox immediately showed his wonderful lack of decision making skills. He started with an M at the top. Then decided that wasn't how he wanted to go. Then started to draw a rainbow like Caden and again decided that wasn't really what he wanted either. So, at the end, he pretty much had Bob draw him playing baseball. This way Ella will know that he plays baseball. He added in a little color himself too.

All in all, they turned out great. Now if we could just get her to come out and see them!

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Momof4 said...

LOVE the idea!! We might need to do this for our little girls that we're older 4 would love it!!