Sunday, April 24, 2011

'Tis the season...for birthdays!!

As March approaches, I gear up and switch into birthday mode. This is because Maddox's birthday is March 6th, Brennen's is March 16th, and Caden's is April 4th. It's a very hectic time, but once it's over, I'm done with birthdays until August!

I always let the kids choose how they would like to celebrate their birthday. Birthdays were a huge deal in my family growing up, and Bob and I have continued this tradition with the kids. I love that one day a year it is about nothing else other than them. Everybody deserves that!

Maddox chose to have 2 friends spend the night. So the afternoon of his birthday, we met with family and a few friends at Planet Sub for lunch and cake.

My new 7 year old. Where did the time go? (I find myself saying that more and more lately!)

We gave him his presents from us at home that evening. Here's a couple of those shots. He really wanted an alarm clock. (Not sure why when he has me, but whatever!)

What's better than a play gun? A Star Wars gun!

The next weekend, we celebrated Brennen's birthday with family and friends. He had a movie party at the clubhouse where Bob's dad lives. It has a small theater and the kids all watched Despicable Me. I use the term "watched" very liberally as there was very little watching going on from what I saw!

Since Caden and Maddox got DS's for Christmas, that's all Brennen has wanted. He even wanted his cake in the shape of a DS!

These next 3 pictures are not the best, but they crack me up. If you look at what Bob is doing and even his facial expressions, Brennen is practically doing the exact same thing in the picture. Guess he can't deny that kid!!

Silly, I know, but it made me chuckle.

This is just a random picture of Ella from when Brennen was opening presents from us at home. Isn't she a cutie?!

Here is Brennen on his birthday getting ready to open his gift from us. He was pretty excited as I think he had an idea as to what he was getting!

And he was right!!

Then we moved onto Caden's birthday. He wanted a party with classmates at the new Lunar Golf place at our mall. So again, we celebrated with family and friends the night before.

Caden chose cheesecake cupcakes for a treat and Grandma generously provided them!

Caden got a decent amount of cash and DS games. Guess we're to that point already!

The next day we did Lunar Golf with friends. Here is a picture of Caden's ice cream cake from Cold Stone. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate pretty much sums it up!

It is very hard to take pictures in a black lit indoor golf course!

He LOVED the cake!

9 year old boys are crazy!

Caden got a ton of Lego stuff, which is exactly what he loves to do!

Stupid camera made my picture blurry!

Finding it hard to believe I'm a mom to a 9 year old!!

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