Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Ross Family Christmas Tree

Having always enjoyed the tradition of choosing a real Christmas tree, Bob and I decided that this would be the year that we would resurrect that tradition with our children. So I found a Christmas tree on line and last Saturday, we headed out in search of the Ross Family Christmas Tree!
This particular Christmas tree farm, gave you the supplies needed to harvest your tree, but you were completely on your own to do so. So the boys grabbed the tree cart, and a walking we went!
Ella was anything but speedy, so she only walked for a little while before being picked up.

She also liked to wander into the trees that were small and being saved for future years. I guess they were the perfect size to her!

After searching and searching, we finally found one. We actually narrowed it down to a few and strategically placed a child in front of each contender so we would remember which ones we liked. Then Bob and I circled back through and picked the one we liked best. (Having a few extra kids sure comes in handy some times!)

Here is Maddox in front of his tree, which also was the one we picked. As I said earlier, you had to cut down your own tree. This is where Bob came into play. He got to use the hand saw to cut it down. Here is is with Preston "helping"!

The boys were tons of help!

More help...

But then they got to pull it back to be shook and netted.

They did a great job pulling it back!
Here we are loaded up and headed back home!

Ella also got to eat her first candy cane. She liked it, as you can clearly see!

Everything went extremely smooth, including the set up. Here it is all set up inside...

...and without the net around it!

We had a wonderful time picking out our tree and I look forward to this fun tradition for our family in the years to come!

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