Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring brings...Baseball!

It feels like we've waited forever for spring to finally arrive. Well, it has finally arrived. Along with warmer weather, spring brings baseball to our house. Maddox is playing again this year. This is his third year to play and will be his last year in instructional ball. This year Brennen is also playing and is on the same team as Maddox. I am really happy about this. Baseball has never been my favorite sport to watch, and frankly watching 4,5, and 6 year-old kids play, doesn't add anything to the already ridiculously slow sport. But, I will give them this: They are so stinking cute!!

Here is Brennen all geared up for his first game!
Maddox all set for his debut as one of the "experienced" players!

My favorite players!
Maddox has been wanting to play catcher forever. Unfortunately, on the team he was one the past two years, the coach's son liked to play catcher, and there really wasn't any negotiating on this. However, Maddox got to this time, and he did a great job. I was so proud of him!
Maddox next at bat!

Brennen looks so small out there compared to the other kids. He had a great time. He still needs the tee, but when I think of all the improvement Maddox has made, I'm sure it'll come with time and practice.

He tries really hard!
The boys on the bench!!
Last, but most certainly not least, the world's cutest little cheerleader - Ella!

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