Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new van for me...

I have to be honest and admit that I've been wanting a new van for quite some time. Not that I am not grateful for the van that we have, because I am. However, it definitely has it little "eccentricities," which were starting to wear on me. Bob and I agreed that we couldn't justify buying a new one though, when we had one that was still serving out family's needs. That was our plan. Then one day, Bob drove the car that I have had since I was a sophomore in college to work one day, and sitting in the parking lot at his office, it burst into flames!! A fire started in the fuse box. Needless to say, it was a goner. The pictures actually look a lot better than it looked in person.
After the smoke cleared, literally, we were left trying to decide what to do next. Do we buy Bob a new car or do we go ahead and buy me a new minivan? We decided it would be nice to have 2 vehicles that our entire family could fit in. So we spent the next day shopping and found this:
I have been wanting a Honda Odyssey for quite some time and now I have one!! I love it and the boys love the DVD player!

Isn't she beautiful? I call her "Honey". :-)

While buying a new vehicle was not in our plans, it is always amazing to see God working in our lives. This just happened to occur on the day that Bob received a bonus at work, Bob was not in the car when it caught fire, it didn't happen sitting in our garage, and nobody parked next to him! God is good all of the time!!!

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