Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Big Now!!

Brennen has been looking forward to his birthday for about the last 360 days. Right before he turned 3, he went to a friends skating birthday party and loved it. He decided that was what he wanted to do for his birthday. Unfortunately, Mommy already had a plan for his birthday which involved renting a large bounce house, so we went with Mommy's plan. For the entire year, Brennen was dead set on having a skating party. (Well, that was until 3 days before his party, when he switched to Chuck E. Cheese! Again, too late!)

Brennen loved this cake from Dillons. The dinosaur was motion activated and would lunge out, roar, and light up his eyes with red. Super cool, even when you're not four!

Time for presents!! Brennen has great friends and family who brought him some fabulous presents!

A light saber just like Maddox got. Hoping this will help solve some of the "brotherly love" wrestling that's been going on while fighting over the one.

Maddox skating while Mom blinds him with the camera!

Here is Katelyn skating with Grandma Carol.

Lauren and Shawn with their skates on. Still upright too!

The Birthday Boy!!

Here is Madison after recently losing a tooth!

Lily and Don on a lap around the rink! Lily is one of Brennen's best girlfriends. The boy's got a way with the ladies, I tell you!

The birthday boy again posing like he belongs on one of those The DOG pictures!

Preston didn't skate, but hung out with his partner in crime, Taegan, instead.

Don and Lily taking another lap around the rink, this time with Brennen in tow!

This is Courtlyn taking a break from skating. She lives next door and Brennen calls her one of his girls!
On Brennen's actual birthday, we did the same thing for him that we did for Maddox on his birthday. A trip to the donut shop and presents that morning. As they were getting ready to leave for for the shop, Brennen turns and said, "Now I'm 4! That's big. It's close to 10 and that's when I'll be real big!"

It's so hard to believe that he's four already. I so vividly remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He's come so far from that little baby laying in an isolette struggling to breathe. That was such a difficult time for us, yet looking back, it was an amazingly wonderful opportunity to feel God's comfort and watch him move.

Our brand new four-year-old!!!!

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