Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Deuce Turns 6!!

We made it through another year!!! That's right - Maddox turned 6 last Saturday! I have always been really into my children's birthdays. I used to tell myself that it was because I wanted them to have at least one day a year that they were the center of attention, all while building fabulous memories. However, I am starting to think that I do great parties really just to celebrate my own success throughout the previous year. Sorry if that makes it seem like I'm a little full of myself, but frankly I deserve a good party. I kept this child alive for one more year! As any parent will attest to, that is no small task!!

Time was something that we did not have a lot of on Maddox's birthday. So that morning, the boys all went and got donuts with Dad. We sang to Maddox over breakfast and he opened his presents from us.
Maddox had asked for a Leapfrog Didj from us. So that's what he got along with a game, cover, and personalized faceplates. He loved it. (I sure do miss the days of cheaper birthday gifts!)

We had basketball games after breakfast and then headed straight to Maddox's party. He wanted a party at Copeland Gymnastics. We invited all the boys from his class and also the kids he knows through us. We ended up with 19 kids!! Here is a picture of the cake Maddox chose. It was pretty cute.

The birthday boy before blue icing attacked his face!!

And after the attack of blue icing!!

Maddox got a lot of great gifts which have really helped keep all the boys amused this week. Here's a shot of the whole gang of partygoers!

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