Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Newest Family Member - Tipper

I definitely think that God has a funny sense of humor! After Ella was born, I knew in my heart that our family was complete and told everybody as such. When even questioned about more pets, I adamantly held on to that same position - that five kids, 1 cat, and 1 dog were plenty and that I had no desire for even another pet. However, here I sit typing this with an annoyingly adorable kitten running around our living room!

Bob was on his way to work one morning and suddenly walked back through the garage door. Immediately my stomach goes into knots, because usually this means that something has happened like vehicle trouble! This time he was carrying something in his arms and it turned out to be a kitten. They think that she was possibly thrown out of a vehicle and hit the concrete median. She was so sweet and even though she was in a lot of pain, handled the kids all congregating around here and chaotically jabbering about her. Her left eye was swollen outside of the her head and we weren't even sure that it was an eye. Nonetheless, the vet took wonderful care of her and through a lot of love, medicine, and praying, she has recovered. We even managed to save her eye. She is blind in that eye, but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

Life with a kitten is a lot like life with an 18 month old! She's a little insane with too much energy, and not quite smart enough to keep her out of trouble, all while being so stinking cute! It's almost like she was hand picked for our family. Tipper loves the kids and actually goes looking for them if they're not around. She loves to sleep with them and even lets Preston and Ella carry her. She goes for rides in Ella's doll pram and loves to play with Gabby and Winnie. What a wonderful gift we didn't even know we wanted!!

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