Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first look at Baby Bean

Today was our very first doctor's appointment. I generally look forward to these appointments. I don't necessarily enjoy all of the appointment, but I always kind of feel like it's our first chance to meet this new little being growing inside of me. Plus there's always that thought nagging me in the back of my mind where I question what I can't see. I don't see a baby. Is there really one in there?! I know, I'm so neurotic, but that's me! So we started off our ridiculously long appointment with me filling out forms regarding all of my medical/obstetrical history. Now why this is, I don't know. This is the same office I've used the last four pregnancies. It's only been 15 months since my last delivery. Why I can't just say, "Nothing has changed," I don't know. But you can't. So we fill out all of these forms, then finally 55 minutes past my scheduled appointment time, get called back. They then proceed to tell me that they're automating their system to be all computerized. So they ask me all of my medical history information while entering it into the computer system. Something here seems redundant, but I'm not in the medical field, so what do I know?! As we went on with our appointment, the nurse practitioner asked me the gender of the children that we already have. I said that we have four boys. I braced for the usual, "Oh my, you must be tired," or "So I bet you want a girl," but not this time. Instead I received the comment, "Well then you pretty much know the gender of this baby. Odds are not in your favor." Now why no medical professional told me after Preston was born that I was physically incapable of having a daughter, I have no idea, but apparently it's useless. I was pretty annoyed by this, but then I got to hear the heartbeat of Baby Bean, and let the issue go.

From there we went to the lab, had blood drawn, and then in for our first ultrasound. As I'm laying there waiting to begin, she asks us what children we already have. We told her that we have four little boys already. The technician then tells us that we can count on this one being a boy as well then. Annoyance once again swept over me, until Baby Bean popped up on the screen. Such a cutie! Moving around, but not like a maniac. It's little heart beat at 176 beats per minute. I am really excited to meet the newest member of our crazy family. We had it confirmed that this will happen sometime around August 7, 2009. Here is a picture of Baby Bean. It has a very large head and body, with tiny little arms and legs. (Kind of reminds me of Brennen!) The little circle by its head is the yolk sac. This will disappear in a couple more weeks. All in all, it was a great first appointment. One down, only about 12 more to go!!

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